Employed through KCS

Signing your employment contract
Say that you have reached an agreement in principle with our client (in most cases a faculty or division of Tilburg University). The latter has asked us to sign an employment contract with you based on this agreement. You may be invited to discuss employment conditions, depending on the type of employment contract.

What we need from you

  • Payroll tax declaration
    When you enter employment through KCS, we ask you whether you want the payroll tax reduction (tax credit) applied to your salary. The payroll tax reduction is a reduction in your
    income tax. It means you pay less in tax. If you have more than one job, it is important to know that you are not
    allowed to use this deduction for more than one part-time job. It’s best to apply the payroll tax reduction to the job with the highest salary. You can find more information about the payroll tax reduction on the website of the Dutch Tax Administration. See also the form Payroll tax declaration (request or make changes).
  • Statement of employment history
    When you sign an employment contract with KCS, it’s important for us to know about your recent employment history. We only need to know about your employment history with Tilburg University – whether with KCS, a temp agency or another intermediary service.
    Please fill in the form Statement of employment history.
  • Identification Document
    There are several options for providing KCS with proof of identity. KCS accepts the following documents as proof of identity:
  • Dutch passport,
  • Dutch identity card,
  • Identity card or passport from another country in the EEA,
  • Dutch foreign nationals identity document.

Make a copy of the front and back of the identification document.

Note: a driver’s license is not a valid identification document.

Introductory event for new employees

Tilburg University regularly organizes introductory events for new employees. These events consist of a lunch with the Executive Board and a guided tour of the campus highlighting
history, culture and facilities. You will also be introduced to
other new employees. You will be automatically invited to this
event. If you did not receive an invitation, send an e-mail to hrpolicy@tilburguniversity.edu.

We wish you an enjoyable and successful time as a KCS employee!