When you work for KCS, you accrue pension automatically with ABP Pension Fund (

Pension at statutory retirement age:

  1. You were employed by KCS before you reached statutory retirement age and have already reached statutory retirement age while employed: in this case you can continue to accrue pension with ABP Pension Fund, but this is not mandatory. It is possible up to 5 years after you reach retirement age. At KCS, you continue to accrue pension automatically after reaching statutory retirement age; if you prefer not to, send an e-mail to KCS stating this ( When the 5-year limit has been reached, accrual stops automatically.
  2. You were employed by KCS after reaching statutory retirement age: in this case it is not possible to accrue pension through the employer (KCS). However, it is possible to request voluntary pension accrual directly through ABP, within the 5-year limit. You can get in touch with ABP yourself if you are interested in this option. Do this within 9 months of entering employment. This voluntary pension accrual is not possible if you are already receiving a pension from the same pension fund, ABP. If you fall into this category, you do not need to inform KCS about your choice.