Collective discounts

Collective discount on your insurance/
Collective discounts

You can receive discounts on your insurance contributions for such things as loss of income due to incapacity for work, healthcare insurance, supplementary survivors’ insurance in the case of death, and other private insurance cover. The discounts vary for each type of insurance coverage and include your co-insured family members.

Give Centraal beheer the following collective insurance number: 75062.

Give CZ the following collective insurance number: 1740.

Give Loyalis the following employer number: 8000155.

Loyalis: Go to and put ‘Kub Career Services BV’ in the search bar and/or enter the employer number 8000155.

As a KCS employee with a continuing work disability, after 104 weeks of incapacity for work you will receive: WIA disability benefits from the national employee insurance agency (UWV), plus a supplement from the ABP Pension Fund called the ABP Work Incapacity Pension or AAOP. In a number of situations, incapacity for work may lead to substantial loss of income. By taking out supplementary occupational disability insurance coverage you can limit this loss of income as much as possible, whether you become fully or partially disabled. This insurance coverage is a supplement to the WIA disability benefits and the AAOP.

There are three options:
• coverage for partial work disability;
• coverage for full work disability; and
• coverage for both partial and full work disability.

The advantages
• always receive 70% of your income up to your statutory retirement age
• low contribution: 22% collective discount in addition to tax advantage
• the contribution is not age-dependent
• no medical questions within 6 months of entering employment
• simple payment option (deducted from your gross monthly salary)

The deduction from your gross monthly salary offers you an immediate tax advantage, depending on your tax bracket (if you pay between 37% and 51%).

Go to and put ‘Kub Career Services BV’ in the search bar and/or enter the employer number 8000155.

For more information, please contact Loyalis Customer Service. The contact for KCS is Lisette Niemeyer (Loyalis account manager); she can be reached by phone at 045-6459190, on working days between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.