Frequently Asked Questions

When do I find out whether my contract will be renewed or terminated?
You will be informed about renewing or terminating your employment contract by the client no later than one month before your employment
will end. You will be sent a written confirmation.

I got a letter saying that my contract will be terminated, but I thought that it was going to be renewed. How is that possible?
Because we want to inform you in good time about the termination of your employment contract, also in compliance with the
Work and Security Act, we send notification confirming the end of your employment early. Sometimes KCS only receives the request to renew the contract from the client later than the time that we sent out the letter.

How can I change my payroll tax deduction (tax credit)?
If you want to change your payroll tax deduction, you can submit this
information using Employee Self Service.

When do I have to submit my timesheets by?
If you are working for KCS on a stand-by contract, you need to declare your worked hours every month. If you submit your timesheet
signed by your manager to KCS before the 5th working day of the next month, then those hours will be paid out in that month around the 24th; for example, you submit the hours worked in January before February 5th and you are paid in February for the January hours.

How do I enter a change of address?
Please inform us any time you move so we can send pay slips and annual income statements to the right address. Even if your
contract has already ended or will end soon. You can send us this
information using Employee Self Service.