Health insurance

The country responsible for your social security and your health insurance depends on your economic status and your place of residence – not your nationality. Make sure you understand under which country’s social security you should be covered: read more on Social security cover when you live or work in another EU country – Your Europe (

  1. If you go to another EU country for your studies, research work, a work placement or vocational training, you must have comprehensive health insurance in your host country.

  2. If you are not employed, the European Health Insurance Card, – Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion – European Commission (, could be an option, if you are eligible.

  3. If you are employed in your host country, you will need to subscribe to a local healthcare scheme there. You are eligible for an attractive staff discount if you take out collective
    health insurance. You will receive a discount on both the basic and supplementary insurance. This also applies to your partner. Tilburg University has agreed a collective contract with
    the CZ Group; You can request a quotation free of charge and completely without obligation. When applying, mention the Tilburg University collective insurance number 1740).

So it’s important to check with your health insurance provider or with the National Contact Point (Information points for planned medical treatment abroad – Your Europe ( in your home country whether they will cover the cost of your healthcare abroad for the full duration of your stay.